International Higher Education

EDUC 610: Higher Education Administration in China.
Examination of student affairs and higher education administration practices in the Peoples Republic of China. Course concludes with a trip to China.

EDUC 599: Special Topics in Higher Education.
International Higher Education: Historical development and contemporary issues in global higher education, including examination of higher education structures around the world.

EDHP 551: Applied Educational Ethnography.
Research for improving leadership in higher, adult, and professional education. Ethnographically motivated field designs, observations, focused and unstructured interviews, and unobtrusive techniques.

Theory and Best Practices

EDHP 687: Student Development in Higher Education.
Theories of college student development and application of developmental models to program design, interventions, outreach, and research programs.

EDUC 609: Academic Advising in Postsecondary Education.
Contemporary issues in academic advising in postsecondary education. Examines and analyzes relevant theories, policies, and practices related to academic advising.

EDHP 552: The Politics of Difference.
Explores strategies for restructuring institutions of higher education to improve student support and achievement among historically marginalized groups.

Management, Structure, and Assessment

EDHP 657: Management of Student Services in Higher Education.
Delivery of student services and programs in higher education, organizational behavior, management systems, administrative procedures, and alternative leadership styles.

EDUC 614: Research and Assessment in Higher Education.
Theory and practice of outcomes assessment, program evaluation, and research design in postsecondary educational administration.

EDHP 563: Student Affairs Work in College.
Principles, services and organizational patters of student affairs programs and services for two-year, four-year and professional higher education institutions.

EDPT 550: Statistical Inference.
Application of statistical techniques in education; emphasis on underlying principles and concepts coupled with selected inferential techniques using desk-top computer software.

EDHP 500: Foundations in Higher, Adult, and Professional Education.
Contemporary issues in higher, adult and professional education in the United States; analytic perspectives from various disciplines (history, philosophy, sociology); implications for policy practice.


EDHP 593a: Master’s Seminar.
An examination and analysis of research and literature in the student’s area of focus.

EDHP 587: Fieldwork in Higher, Adult, and Professional Education.
Structured participation in supervised teaching or administrative activities. Assignments matched with student’s goals, training, experience.


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