Future Goals

My goal is to work in a position that combines my passions in Admissions and International Education.  Ultimately I want to work as an international admissions recruiter, but I see potential in a number of fields within higher education to cultivate my interests.

I appreciate the benefits that international students bring to American campuses. I have experienced firsthand out of class learning with classmates from China, and have grown in my understanding of global trends as well as the privileges I possess simply by virtue of being a native born American. I believe all individuals, not just American students, learn through international educational exchanges, through both in and out of class experiences.

My ideal position is to work at an institution where I can work with a diverse group of students, from native born Americans through Generation 1.5 students to international students, to help them understand the college application process.

I greatly enjoy meeting people who have a dream, but are unsure about the process of making it a reality. I find I feel most accomplished after I have had the opportunity to answer their questions and help them figure out the path toward making that dream a reality, whether it be at my institution or another that more closely fits their learning style and academic/professional interests.

I am currently looking for a position what will allow me to increase my field recruiting experiences, building on my experiences from the USC School of Law.  I represented the Law School at a number of diverse events, including campus recruiting fairs at USC, Cornell, Columbia, and NYU, as well as several Law School Admission Counsel recruiting fairs in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

My next position will allow me to capitalize on these experiences and eventually lead to a position recruiting overseas.  Interest in American higher education from Asia is exploding, and I have positioned myself through my educational experiences to be an essential part of an institution’s international recruiting efforts.


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