Professional Competencies


  • Professional in the field since 2006.
  • File review (to select candidates for interviews, summarize files for scholarship committee).
  • Field recruiting including major professional school fairs.
  • Orientation planning for post-doctoral and international graduate student programs.

International Higher Education

  • Experience with Chinese higher education, including 10 day visit to three Chinese universities in summer 2011.  Cowrote paper contrasting admissions processes between Chinese and American universities.
  • Co-taught class on American culture to international graduate students during Fall 2012 semester.  Class consisted of students from China, India, Taiwan, Macau, and East Timor.  Topics included American politics, history, holidays, and sports.
  • Interviewer for USC International Student Assessment Study.  Performed qualitative interviews with freshmen international students regarding their experiences with admissions, orientation, classroom environment, and adjustment to American college life.

Collaboration & Networking

  • Facilitated completion of new Certification process for entering students after the departure of project lead.  Project involved collaborating with the main campus Offices of Graduate Admissions, Degree Verification, and Information Technologies.
  • Streamlined TOEFL verification process between Office of Graduate Admissions, American Language Institute, and the Dental School.
  • At the Law School, created a “What You Need To Know As A 1L” Orientation binder for incoming law students, compiling information from Financial Aid, Student Services, Career Services, and Law Library to guide students through their first year.


  • Experience advising thousands of students in one one one or group settings on admission requirements.
  • Application of educational theory, especially Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle & Baxter-Magolda’s Principles of Learning, in advising situations.
  • Cross cultural competency, with experience advising international students and culturally diverse students.

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